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saw this posted on tumblr and immediately came to check it out. absolutely had to buy. the rule book is delightful from what i've read so far. it's making me so nostalgic for all the anime i grew up on in my childhood. i sent this to my dnd group because i was just so pumped about it and now were making our dnd characters into animon kids just for fun. several of us have already drawn our animon too. very busy schedule rn but really hope i can run a game with this soon. its just so delightful and the character creation was very nice too. i like that the kids are fairly straightforward but the animon have a lot of customization, its a good balance without getting overwhelming. really makes me want to go watch digimon!!! awesome awesome job

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm delighted to hear you're enjoying the game!

This game looks great, it feels like it was made with a whole lot of love, and hope I can set up a group to play with sometime.

The monster info for Tanklyosaur mentions "Tanklyodon" in the Special section. I think this might be a typo or name change that was missed in editing?

Right you are! Thanks for letting me know, and so glad to hear you like the game. Cheers!

I've been in love with pokemon since I saw the anime on tv years ago so this game seems like a dream comes true!

I hope this does not sound rude or make you feel bad, but would Animon Story go on sale, or have community copies again?

I'm really sorry to ask, I hope you won't feel pressured or anything! I'm just not in a financial situation where I can really afford entertainments

Hey there, yes, there are new community copies added fairly regularly, I'd keep an eye out.

In the meantime, you can download the free playkit if you want to get a feel for the game.

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Thank you for the reply. I already tried the playkit with my little sisters yesterday and it was fantastic! We all love this game and will be looking forward to the full version!

Is there any chance you will be making rules for solo play? Id absolutely love that even if it's pdf only

Hey there, making solo rules isn't currently something I'm working on, though I won't rule out the possibility for the future.

I did recently hear about a game engine called Radiance that claims to make any game playable solo - might be worth checking out!

It would be awesome to see official soloplay rules but I will definitely check out that game engine, great work on this and cant wait to try it out!

Is there bundle for both the pdf and the physical book?

Hi there, so sorry for the delay in responding. All pre-orders via Backerkit should provide both the PDF and the physical copy. Then once the full release has happened, orders of both will be available from Metal Weave Games directly.

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Hey! I'm really enjoying the game, I took the freedom to make an online character sheet in case people play over the internet, hope that's ok:

If anyone wants to make a copy of it feel free to do so~

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I was just curious if Beetledew was intentionally left without a stage to tie into in description as mysterious, or if it was suppose to be Ultra like the stat block seems to line up with.

Hi there, no that is indeed a minor error that slipped through editing. It will be fixed, and the files updated, before the files are sent for printing.

The game is finished with all the KS stuff and is for sale now?

Yep that's right. You can see all the changes in the recent devlog I posted (link at the bottom of the store page)

OK thank you!

Any idea when this will released? Will there be community copies?

Hi there, the game will be going back on sale very soon! Community copies are added fairly often, yes.

This looks amazing! So sad I missed the Kickstarter; anyway I can still back the project?

Hi there. A backerkit page will soon be available, which will allow late pledges!

Hi there! I'm a little confused as to why the older version can't be bough. I know it's being "fixed" but why can't people get the current one and then just get the upgraded PDF when the time comes?


Hi there,

There are a few reasons I decided to take the old version down. The main ones are:

- rules tweaks and changes are being made, so if new players got the old book they'd already be playing an outdated version of the game and have to switch once the new version is available

- some of the original illustrations could not be used in the newly published version, so are being replaced

I do apologise for the delay, but the new version should be dropping within a couple of weeks, so there's not long to wait

Hello it's me again and I'm glad to see that the game is going to come out this year and I'm hyped, anyway on to the question will there be any mechanic for dark evolution or could you just do that with the Normal rules, thank you and please have a wonderful day

Hi there,

Dark Evolutions are supported in the rules, yes! They are a suggested possibility for the mechanic called the 'Bond Break Episode,' which is something that happens with the Kid and Animon partner have a breakdown of communication and fall out in some way. Hope that helps!

Thank you

Do you have any plans for rules that allow for fusion between an animon and another animon/ their kid partner? Basically jogress and biomerge evolution in Digimon terms.

Hi there, the final release version (coming end of July hopefully) will include several 'optional rules modules' for folks who want to play around with the core elements of the game. Fusion Evolution is one of those optional rules!

Would you happen to have an estimate on when animon will be available for download again?

Hi there, I am currently working on making all the updates and additions. The digital version should be available in its new form towards the end of July hopefully!

So I looked at the Kickstarter and there's a good number of backer, so uh when would the ETA on the Physical copy of the game

Hi there, the physical copies are expected to fulfil around December this year. Cheers!

Hi, I don't know if this would be the best place to ask this, but are you planning on shipping the future physical copies to other countries?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, this will all be part of the Kickstarter details, but yes we should be shipping worldwide. Thanks!

So quick question when you buy the digital copy dose it go to Google docs or on the device you purchased it and if so is it transferable so you don't lose if get a new phone or computer 

Hi there, when you buy the digital copy you'll get access to the files in your itch library - you should be able to download them as many times as you like on different devices!

Ah thank you I was very concerned about that 

Are you planning on any deal with the Kickstarter who already own the PDF? I plan on backing the KS but am te to buy the PDFs. I just want to make sure I am not paying for the same thing twice.

Hi there,

The Kickstarter is specifically to fund the physical printed copy of the game, so that's the main difference. There may also be various updates made to the game before it is printed, and any updates made will also be applied to the itch files. So wherever you buy, you'll always have the latest version of the game.

Thanks for that. Is there an intention for backers than to back just the print and not have the PDF included (with a price difference the equivalent of the PDF price)?

Nothing set in stone yet, but I expect there will be a lower PDF only tier, then a standard physical edition tier costed at an appropriate level.

Linked to the game from the Dicebreaker article - I’ve really wanted a non-hokey tabletop game to play in my Pokémon-esque sandbox fantasies!

I run into the same problems as Silverlionprime: being on Disability pay - but not being able to utilize food allowance $, so a large portion of funds goes to bare essential food, meds, housing. :< 

Any community copies would be vastly appreciated; RPGs are enjoyable even when mobility is an issue- and let me connect with my friends when I can’t go out.  I’ll watch this space, really loved reading the preview pages throughout the game site.  💚


I must say thanks to anyone and everyone who contribute community copies... being on disability really bites... but unfortunately it is part of life,  Glanced over the stuff and definitely looking forward to reading more thurougly over the weekend. Now to just find people to play with.

Dang it. ;( No community copies... ah well. Maybe another time. (I hate being on disability and thus poor) anyway looks like a great game! Keep making awesome looking and sounding stuff!

Hi there, community copies are added fairly regularly so check back and you may be able to grab one!

No worries. I'm trying to budget for it. Just in case. 


Hi there, as another buyer added a community copy specifically for you, you can get in touch with me at and I'll send you the copy!

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I just put $30 down on the game (super excited to play!), can I ask that the community copy goes toward this wonderful human?

That is very kind, thank you! I will get in touch directly to make sure it does!

definitely checking this out

This looks super fun! My only question after my initial skim is whether it can be adapted to run a Pokemon game directly--mainly through a catching mechanic. I've been searching around for something to run a Pokemon game that's a bit simpler than PTU, and this does seem promising, but I fear the game design may become bloated with multiple monsters per character. Thanks!


Hey there! Not the dev or anything but if you want a rec for Pokémon my friend found success with Pokerole. Found it to be less complicated than PTU. I like the more digimon style vibe of animon personally but Pokémon emulation is often on my mind. 


Hi there, yes ultimately Animon Story commits to one monster partner for the benefit of developing the kid-monster bond and how that ties into the narrative. If you wanted to introduce multiple monster companions in this game, I think the easiest way to do it would be still having one at a time, and switching that one around, rather than having a team of them.

Hey! I would like to point out a possible error in the Index.
There it says the NPC part is on page 090, but on page 090 there is only a quote of that. I don't know if it was designed to be like that, but I think a better fit would be for page 101 or 102. 

Hello, thank you for that. I will make an adjustment for an updated version!

this looks AMAZIN

but my poor arse can't buy it so i may get it like two or so years down the line ;w;


Hi there, so glad you like the look of the game - free community copies get added sometimes, so maybe check back occasionally to see if there are any available!

oh i will, thanks for the heads up


Hello! I recently bought Animon Story and I'm extremely happy with it! The system gave me some brilliant opportunities, and I even got the chance to mix some other systems with it. Trully bonkers! But I was wondering... I read the other comments and saw you saying something about a physical version of Animon Story, and wanted to know if any progress was made about that? Thanks in advance!


Hi there, so glad you like the game! Yes indeed, plans for a physical version have moved forward, and it's now confirmed that a physical version will be kickstarted next year. You can check out a bit more on this news on the animon story blog here:


That is awesome! Thanks for letting me know, I will surely get one as soon as it launches!


Can't wait to get this in print!


How many players are needed and how many maximum before it slows down too much?


I would say the ideal group would be 1 GM and 3-5 players, but stretching a little beyond that in either direction wouldn't be a problem.

Even during Combat Encounters, the only part of the game broken down into 'turns,' things move quite quickly as the combat scenes are designed to be more narrative and less crunchy/tactical.


Any plans for a print edition?


Definitely plans! Looking at various options at the moment.


Hey, could I make my own Character Classes for Animon and upload them for free?? Maybe you could help me balance them! :) 


You're very welcome to make your own Animon Story content and share it!


that will be handy cause I'm sure there will be GM's who struggle with creating new animon and others who will tick off new ones like breathing air 


OMG this game looks so much fun and might get it after my next paycheck comes in! Hey, I have a YouTube channel and would love to play this one day on it but need a Game Master to do so, do you perhaps want to do a collaboration one day and play this game??? I got an email if you want to talk about this more-Alex from AlexsGamingShow.


he's already doing a collab with DIcebreakers running the game for them 


Hi there, so glad you enjoy the game! I'm afraid I have fairly limited time to run games myself, but you're very welcome to play Animon Story on your channel any time!


Ok! :)


Hello. I have a question about the community pool. I initially saw the game was $15, and adding to the community pool would take $25 (an extra $10.) However, I noticed the price went up by $20, but when I purchased the game at $25, the community pool still listed this as its goal price. I was curious if my purchase counted toward the community pool, and if not, can I still add an extra $5?


Hi there, thanks for messaging! I'm guessing you're the $25 dollar payment from around 4 hours ago? If so yes, I counted that as a community copy and I actually added several copies to the pool rather than just one, at the same time as the price adjustment.

Hope that helps, and thank you so much for the support!


Ah, thanks for the reply. I'm glad I could help.


I'm a huge fan of Digimon and this exactly scratches that itch for a ttrpg of it. Thank you all so much for creating this! Can't wait to (solo) play this.

Also totally up for the print version, please make it happen. Fingers crossed!


That's brilliant to hear! Scratching that itch is exactly why I started making this, although back then I never expected to end up publishing it haha. Glad you like it!


Well I'm glad you made the effort to make this! BTW is there a discord or any other avenue where rules and clarifications can be discussed? 


There's no discord as of right now, but I'm happy to chat/answer questions on Twitter if that's any help @ZakBFree, and I can share discussions around to followers etc.


i have been so HYPE for this game's release! unfortunately i'm still busy running my current games so i'll have to wait a bit to actually play ;u; but digging thru the rules has plenty fun so far!

if you ever do end up putting out a print version i'll be one of the first in line :)


So glad you're enjoying it!


This looks amazing, will there be a print version? 


Definitely hoping to do print versions in the future - may be a case of itchfunding but we'll see!