A downloadable game

The hottest new toy in the playground - now in your wallet!

Raise your very own 'virtual' pet in real-time. How will your C-Pet grow, and how long can you keep it alive for?

  • nurture and raise a precious life
  • four unbelievable colours to collect!!
  • literally days of fun (at least 30 seconds of fun per day)
  • what does it do?
  • if you forget to feed it you can just cheat

Made for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorZak Barouh
GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, Monsters, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few seconds


C-Pet Blue.pdf 140 kB
C-Pet Pink.pdf 106 kB
C-Pet Yellow.pdf 120 kB
C-Pet. Green.pdf 107 kB


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I freaking love everything about this (including this font as I type this comment!), and I can't wait to try the game out. It was one of the first things that jumped out at me from the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam and it's giving me ALL THE VIBES of a tamagotchi for sure in ALL of the best ways

- ✨Beth


As a tamagotchi fan whose tamagotchis are currently without batteries, I love this a lot! I misread the instructions, and after doing the lifespan check, I have been taking numerous turns per day. I prefer it this way and will not be playing it correctly. My current C-Pet is named Rockin', is 6 days old, and has 6 traits: Slime Body, Water Affinity, Claws, Compound Eyes, Earth Affinity, and Feathers. I have taped my info card to the laminated (packing tape) C-Pet card for your viewing pleasure.


That's so cool! Thanks for letting me know, glad you're enjoying it!


I downloaded this game, printed it out, lovingly stuck a Blue C-Pet onto some card. I then forgot about it and ultimately lost it, so it's been the perfect representation of my relationship with virtual pets. Hopefully I'll find it and try not to neglect it in the future.